Charity Donation & Support: Cahaya Orphanage, Borobudur

We are delighted and proud to be donating funds from our sales to the Cahaya Orphanage in Borobudur. We have a social mission at Gigglewater, which is to highlight the need for balance and wellness in people’s lives and to give back to the community.  This will be seen in our marketing and we will be supporting a number of charities starting with the Cahaya Orphanage in Borobudar, Indonesia.  Our mission is to build a bigger home for children orphaned during the volcanic eruption and the progress will be documented and displayed on this website.

What can we do as a society to incentivise environmentally sustainable behavior?

Nature is our home and therefore everything we do, produce, distribute should be done in a smart, meaningful manner.  A manner in which the environment is protected and we are giving back.  

That's why we are contributing to the development of a project to change the distribution and packaging of the millions of bottles shipped around the world and further use that to contribute to education and development of eco housing and biodynamic food production.  Watch this space for more from August 2017!

Charity Support, Environmental Protection & Education