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I grew up with a mother and family who were hugely into wellness and fitness, so life and balance was always a way of life.  Over the years, I've had my days/months/years where I've worked too hard, ate badly, and didn't have that balance.  It's when I found how to have that balance, that life suddenly became so much better.  I've worked for some great wineries, retailers, wine importers and distributors throughout my career, as well as owning a distribution and design branding agency and I have a passion for wellness, yoga, health, travel and living life to the full.

Over my 18 years in the wine industry, I have watched so much snobbery from the trade itself - not from everyone of course, but just in general.  More importantly I was and still am always so amazed at how some wine trade people don't get that consumers don't want to know the scientific details, they just want to enjoy a nice bottle of wine or Prosecco or Champagne with friends.  So, Gigglewater is about creating something of great quality, that you and I can share with friends and family and that is approachable and accessible. 

We work with the leading sparkling wineries in the world and we have made it our mission at Gigglewater Wines to bring you products that you love, to get you involved in our new product development, innovation, marketing, events and more.  It's a product for you guys!  We're efficient about everything, from how we work with our wineries, to how we make wine, to ensure it's a craft and that it's respected as such.  We chose the name Gigglewater as it's a term that meant alcoholic beverage in the 1920's and we want you to think of our sparkling wines as "Gigglewater" - wines that make you smile, laugh with friends, and remind you to be happy and enjoy life healthily.

At the end of the day, wine in all its forms is just a beverage. It's part of life, It brings people together to chat, to have dinner with and for all types of celebrations.  But it's also an alcoholic beverage and whilst it's nice, we have to have BALANCE in life.  Without the balance and wellness part, we age, we feel tired, we get down - cos too much drinking really doesn't make you happy.  So - LIVE! LOVE! SPARKLE!  Be WELL! And join us on a journey to make the world and ourselves a better place, having fun at the same time :) 

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Much love

Catherine x

Small Beginnings to big dreams


Hello! My name is Catherine Monahan and I'm the founder of the Gigglewater Wine Company. Gigglewater is a 1920's term meaning Alcoholic Beverage.

Gigglewater was founded on the idea of living a life of balance and having fun - happiness & health are core to life.  The world is changing so quickly in terms of technology, innovation & life, that we believe we have to be creating products that people want and that are relevant.  We believe in great quality otherwise we wouldn't put our name on them and we believe in having fun with flavours and innovation!  Gigglewater Prosecco, Secco and the entire range are best enjoyed with your 'besties' - either with great food or without - no matter the occasion or setting.  We don't like that snobby attitude that some folks have, so you'll always see us having a laugh at "the House" of Gigglewater and most importantly don't forget that life is all about Balance - so get your bootie out there, do some exercise, eat smart and drink responsibly, 'cos hangovers aren't worth it!