Giggling Buddha "LIVE LIFE IN balance" Retreat, 30TH SEPT-4TH OCT 2018, IBIZA
















We welcome you to join us from the 30th Sept to the 4th October for a holistic, restorative, experience at the Giggling Buddha, "Celebrate Balanced Living" retreat, with Gigglewater and AYAM Wellness, in Ibiza. Here at Gigglewater, we're big believers in living a life of balance and so our retreat themes revolve around restorative health - Living a Life of Pure Balance and being biophysically efficient. We invite you to join us for an extraordinary adventure of wellness, nutrition, a cooking workshop with the fabulous French Morrocan chef, Ferial Khecha, hikes to exotic remote secret places led by Run Ibiza's James Allchurch & Reset Rebel, Jo Youle; sailing trips around Ibiza & Formentera, numerology and body energy balance workshops with holistic practioner and healer, Melchior Arnold, (also owner of internationally acclaimed Ibiza restaurant, Nagai), painting workshop with the charismatic Victor Spinelli and QiGong and Guided Meditation/Singing Bowl workshops. 

We will also be visiting biodynamic vineyards on the both islands to show you why "living wine" is the best wine for you, and then enjoy the treats of sunset drumming, conscious dance, Vinyasa, Pranayama and "Structured Flow" Yoga.  In addition, you will experience a structured-movement healing workshop and a Quantum Thinking workshop - how our thoughts affect our holistic lives, how we can rewire our brains and recondition our bodies to make lasting changes.  We also have an interactive online platform for after the retreat, that will keep you in touch with us and everyone on the retreat, to always be able to reach out, ask our practitioner partners for guidance etc.












 Amidst many hectares of pine forests, olive groves and wild flowers, our retreat villa has created a unique and innovative space. A refuge from the rest of the world, serene and stimulating, aiming to inspire spiritual development, communing with nature and rejuvenation. Set-up for intellectually and spiritually curious seekers: art, music, healthy eating, visualisation, breath-work, meditation, yoga/exercise, culture and the balance of them all, are at the heart of what we do.

We invite you to be our guest at this charming 400 year old finca, designed by Rolf Blaskstad which sits amongst 4 hectares of wild flowers, forests and mountains. A truly authentic Ibizan experience only 5 minutes from Benirras Beach and yet totally immersed in nature.  With 10 bedrooms, beautiful outside areas with hanging meditation pods and hammocks, including an outside yurt, free wifi throughout the villa, a salt-water swimming pool, an organic herb garden and a screening/projection room.



Sunday 30th Sept - Day 1​ - Everyone to try to be there for 12/1pm

  • Introduction and Chill-out, Organic Lunch at the villa, with our magician chef, Ferial Kecha
  • Hike in the hills behind Benirras followed by a sunset kayak tour where we find interesting caves, listen to the famous drumming at Benirras and enjoy the sunset from the water at the Finger of God (rock in the ocean), followed by chilling out on the beach and cocktails at Elements
  • Home to freshen up
  • Dinner at the Giri Cafe - farm to table beautiful boutique B&B and organic restaurants
  • Gratitude meditation and visualisation under the stars at the villa and bed/youtime











  • Sunrise Kombucha and Lemon/Cayenne Pepper/Turmeric/ Morning Booster
  • Structural Flow Yoga with a multi talented yogi (music, DJ, sound healing, meditation, pranayama and unique structural flow yoga) - Jo Youle
  • Delicious plant based juices and breakfast at the Villa
  • "Celebrate Balanced Living" - 2 hour Quantum healing workshop on how to create Balance in life, love and work - breathwork, meditation, visualisation, movement, numerology, entrepeneurship vs. working for a business and balanced nutrition + fasting techniques - Melchior Arnold (owner of award-winning Nagai restaurant, energy/meditation/numerology healer and the guru who does all weddings on the island) and Catherine Monahan (Catherine has a degree in Clinical Psychology, Entrepeneur, owner of Gigglewater Productions, soon to be yoga teacher and is practising the teachings to be a coach of Dr Joe Dispenza's research, helping people to rewire their brains and recondition their bodies to make lasting changes. 
  • Guided hike with James Allchurch (Run Ibiza) around the cliffs and caves overlooking the 3rd most magnetic place on earth - the heavenly Es Vedra
  • Sunset Sounds: Magical Crystal Bowl and Gong Sound healing in front of Es Vedra - Crystals and sound as a tool for unifying the Mind, Body, Emotions and Soul on the way to a deeper connection with Spirit, with the amazing Jeremy Quidu and Ariel Zutel on the magic handpans
  • Home to chill at the pool, lie in the hammocks etc. 
  • Dinner at the beautiful farm-to-table organic restaurant, La Paloma
  • Free time to chill, lie under the stars, read, lie in the bath, swim in the pool - whatever takes your fancy!​















  • Organic breakfast - all fresh produce from the island
  • Structural Movement Workshop with Jo Youle
    • Spirals are a common shape found in nature, as well as in sacred architecture. In the natural world, we find spirals in the DNA double helix, sunflowers, the path of draining water, weather patterns (including hurricanes), vine tendrils, phyllotaxis (the arrangement of leaves on a plant stem), galaxies, the horns of various animals, mollusc shells, the nautilus shell, snail shells, whirlpools, ferns and algae. Look at a cross-section of red cabbage and you will see spirals. Look at your fingertip, where you would make a fingerprint, and you will see a spiral. Even the shape of your hair at the crown of your head…a spiral. Spirals seem to permeate many diverse natural formations: inorganic and organic, lifeless and alive, non-conscious and conscious.
    • Life is created from spirals.  We move in circles of friends and rotate around many different axis in our daily doings and the people in our lives who inspire us - we orbit around. In this one and a half hour workshop, we explore deeper into those circles, rotations and through the spiral line of in the body. Using the breath as a guide and the soundscape that the class will be choreographed to and inspired by, the movements and flow in the session will touch upon every spiral both internally and externally. We often don’t get to choose our pace in life to which we move, so this session will empower and enable us to re-calibrate our breath dropping our of our flight or flight response and finding a deeper slower breath that leads us back to our parasympathetic nervous system. 
  • An hour with Aura Ananda - Releasing your voice helps to free your soul. Everything in the Universe is made of vibrations, frequencies...
  • A Day of Incredible Sailing around the islands of Ibiza & Formentera - Meet our fabulous Skippers for a briefing at Bohemian Boat Charters & La Belle Verde
  • Sailing to hidden secret coves around Ibiza and snorkeling and then across to the mystical island of Formentera
  • Biodynamic winery visit to owner and winemaker, Jose at the incredible biodynamic winery, 'Terramoll' in Formentera. Learn about the history of the island, Terramoll's biodynamic winery (no sulphites, no sprays/pesticides/preservatives and produced with the flow of the moon and how these wines are healthier for your body). 
  • A delicious lunch a  Secret Restaurant to be announced on the day!! Followed by a walk on the beach, abundance guided meditation and swim 
  • Back to Ibiza for sundown at Hostal La Torre
  • Early back home for delicious meal prepared by Ferial Kecha and then for chill out time, numerology readings by Melchior Ar, massages by the talented Christoff Cosmos and/or a fascinating documentary movie















  • Sunrise walk on the beach at Aguas Blancas followed by juices at the famous Blue Chiringuito
  • Intention setting and visualisation "AYAM Mantra" with Catherine 
  • Energy cocktail session - Kundalini yoga then Qi Gong followed by a guided meditation then singing bowls.  The gorgeous Lou Lou Davies will explore trapped emotions and how to just be and will use Kundalini and Qi Gong and breathwork to show us how we can learn to balance ourselves and manage those emotions that can cause anxiety/depression and stress. She will show us how we can actually change how we feel in a short time by merely being present, breaking old patterns of being and thinking and using sound healing to learn to LET GO. 
  • Yummy Breakfast at the wonderful organic cafe, Can Guimo in San Lorenzo
  • A one hour Anatomy painting lesson with the charismatic artist Victor Spinelli
    • Anatomy is key for art instruction, as a foundation between basic concepts (drawings of cubes, vases, and such) and the more advanced art of creating a setting, draping fabric, and having your subject interact with the environment. For that reason, it can be a useful daily exercise to keep your abilities sharp for more finished pieces.
    • We have chosen this as it is a good way for people to get out of their comfort zone and feel ok with painting/drawing a naked body and to feel comfort within their own bodies - to feel this is key to the process of just to be and a key part of self worth
  • Drive to Ibiza Old Town for a walk around the old cobbled streets and cathedral and latish lunch at Aubergine (sister of Atzaro Spa) - a beautiful place that produces everything they serve
  • Chillout afternoon/eve at the villa - Swim, chillout by the pool, massages, crystal reiki, pedicure and manicures, numerology and tarot readings, Chakra clairvoyance
  • Guests can leave in late evening or early morning 
  • Dinner and music at the villa all evening


​€995 per person, including food and accommodation for 4 days/4 nights + retreat/all activities & workshops/day sailing/winery visit + lunch/ Cooking/painting workshops. massage, numerology and more. Excludes airfare.

Only 16 places available including 1 FREE that has been given to Reset Rebel and has been won already

Email us today to confirm/purchase your place: or call/whatsapp/text (+44)7578167776