Our mission at Gigglewater Wines:

Live in Harmony, Balance and Wellbeing

Be the Best You That You Can Be 

Everything that we do - from our wines, to bubblies, to events, retreats and all that we write about, is always going to be quality-driven, interesting, useful, upbeat (but never in an annoying way) and that reflects Gigglewater's mission of making healthy living a little bit easier and a load more fun. 

We aren't just another wine or Prosecco brand.  We want to be something that is part of your life, that's fun, educates you and takes you on a journey.  And we have some cool stuff lined up like travel, retreats, super fun events and new and innovative products - not only in beverages! 

So a shortlist from us on Wellbeing, just to get you thinking! 

10 Ways to Add a Little Wellbeing To Your Life

1. Eat and drink healthily.  And stop when you know you shouldn't have that extra glass of wine. Hangovers don't feel cool.  Drink at least 10 glasses of water a day - our bodies are over 70% water and our brains over 90% - you only need to put a piece of fennel in water and see it grow overnight.  Water is a healer.  Headaches, bad moods, alertness are all affected by dehydration so drink up.  Eat better.  Lean In by Joe Wix is a great example of how we can get fitter and healthier and still have fun.  Eating well needn't be something we constantly think about.  It's a way of life.

2. Enjoy “Me” time. Do you feel drained and disconnected a lot? It’s important to spend time on your own, and understand how YOU feel emotionally, physically, mentally.  Switch off, do some meditation.  The answers always come in the quiet times.  Give yourself just 15 min a day.

3. Enjoy “We” time. Surround yourself outside your "me" time and work time with people who love and support you.  You're not on this planet to be the one with the most friends.  You're supposed to be HAPPY! loving life and with the friends that are worth it.  Studied have proven that people who spend more time with friends are less likely to get dementia in old age, than those who don't.

4. Make an effort with yourself. When we look good we feel good, right? It may take a little extra effort, but it’s well worth it.  Especially when you walk into a room with confidence because you feel good about the way you look.  This isn’t about being the prettiest girl or hottest guy in the room; it’s about feeling like the BOMB when you walk into a room. 'Cos you are the THE bomb aren't you?!

5. BE HAPPY. Live! Love! Sparkle!  Happiness is so important and as the cliche says, "It's a way of life!".   Know the things that make you happy and do more of them to keep that high state and remove the things that don't.

6. Love your home.  Your home is where you kick your shoes off and can cuddle up on the couch, dance around the living room, and more. Make it feel like it's yours by creating a vibe that feels like it's an extension of you and if you live with other people, have your little things around you that express you.  

7. Love your job. Yes we know it's easy to say well quit your job if you don't like it.  But don't hate your job and if you do, then spend some time thinking, what do I love, what gives me passion. What's my reason for being on the planet - is there another path I should choose?  If so, spend some time alone, thinking and find what you truly would like and read/research it and do it in your spare time, until you have the finances to be able to switch job or you have a new job. We cannot always control the amount of stress we are under at work, but it is important you enjoy your workplace.  As Maya Angelou says, “If you don’t like something, change it.  If you can’t change it, change the way you feel about it.”

8. Exercise.  Yup get that bootie moving! We have so many gadgets, fitbits, 7 min exercise apps all trying to help us, that we have no excuses really.  Yup it gets cold, so put on a yoga video on you tube or subscribe to dailyburn.com and try and walk as many places as you can.  You always feel better when you move and it changes your state of being.  Plus if your body feels healthy and your mind feels healthy, you generally feel happier and your relationships tend to be better too.

9. Finances.  The boring one, but the important one.  Think ahead. Don't spend what you don't have.  Invest wisely, ask for advice.  Money stress is the worst stress in the world, so buy the preventative placebo not the medicinal cure.

10. Do something different every week.  Go to an event, meet up with friends, go away for a long weekend, take a course, read a book.  Continue educating and investing time in your brain and yourself.  

When all is said and done, we all want to feel good about the life we lived. We want to know we mattered.  We want to know we made a difference.  We want to know we were loved.  We propose we live each day remembering what we want to feel because living with regret is a waste of life.  So LIVE! LOVE! SPARKLE!