Our Story


Gigglewater was founded on the idea of living a life of balance and having fun - happiness & health are core to life.  The world is changing so quickly in terms of technology, innovation & life, that we believe we have to be creating products that people want and that are relevant. 


We believe in great quality otherwise we wouldn't put our name on them and we believe in having fun with natural flavours and innovative products!  Most importantly we have a social and environmental mission to give back as part of our G.L.O.W. foundation (Gigglewater Love Our World). We are involved with a supporting a number of community and global ocean and water projects and are dedicated to creating bespoke products for 100% funding of projects, e.g. our exclusively designed Gigglewater Sparkling wine in can for the Posidonia Project run by Manu Felix - National Geographic's Guru of the Seas! 


Gigglewater Prosecco, Cava, Mimosas, all our products in bottle and cans are best enjoyed with your 'besties' - either with great food or without - no matter the occasion or setting.  You'll always see us having a laugh at "the House" of Gigglewater and most importantly don't forget that life is all about Balance - so get your bootie out there, do some exercise, eat smart and drink responsibly, 'cos hangovers aren't worth it!

My Story

"My goal is about reconnecting people with what is important - Live life in Balance, rediscovering you and being happy."


I grew up with a mother and family who were always into wellness and fitness and I was a competitive swimmer for 12 years, so the importance of life balance was always highlighted to me.  Over the years, I've had my days/months/years where I've worked too hard, ate badly, and didn't have that balance.  It's when I found how to have that balance, that life suddenly became so much better.  


Throughout my career, I've worked for some great wineries, retailers, wine importers and distributors , as well as owning a distribution and design branding agency, and a Dragon's Den events company for wine. I have a passion for wellness, yoga, sailing, meditation/breathwork; epigenetics; neuroscience; quantom energy healing/ mechanics; travel and living life to the full.

Over my 18 years in the wine industry, I've watched a lot of imbalance in people's lives, but I've also loved being involved with helping winemakers create bespoke blends for retail buyers and ensuring that what is inside the bottle is just as beautiful as what is outside the bottle. With Gigglewater it's such a treat to see our own real vineyards, the grapes, the production, the tasting, the blending, the ability to design our products and ask consumers what they like or don't like. The ability to take people to our vineyards and walk through them because they are real... We work with the leading sparkling wineries around the world and we have made it our mission at Gigglewater Wines to bring you great quality products that you love, to get you involved in our new product development, innovation, marketing, events and more.  I chose the name Gigglewater as it's a term that meant alcoholic beverage in the 1920's and we want you to think of our sparkling wines as "Gigglewater" - wines that make you smile, laugh with friends, and remind you to be happy and enjoy life healthily.


At the end of the day, wine in all its forms is just a beverage. It's part of life, It brings people together to chat, to have dinner with and for all types of celebrations.  But it's also an alcoholic beverage and whilst it's nice, we have to have BALANCE in life.  Without the balance and wellness part, we age, we feel tired, we get down - cos too much drinking really doesn't make you happy.  So - LIVE! LOVE! SPARKLE!  Be WELL! And join us on a journey to make the world and ourselves a better place, having fun at the same time :) 


Why Buy Gigglewater

We are not in the wine business we are in the lifestyle and people business.

We have won best Prosecco in the world 3 times in Canada in 2018/2019.

We won People's Choice Awards CA.

Our founder has been nominated 3 times for the trophy for Outstanding Achievement in the global wine industry 2013/14/2018 by the world's best wine competition IWSC. 

We have our own dedicated vineyards and no bought in grapes or wines.  All family owned.

All wine farming is sustainable.

Tastes Fabulous with Aperol and we can show you some fabulous Prosecco cocktails.

Yummily Instagrammable!

We have a fabulous private Members Clubs with fantastic trips, freebies, and gifts and discounts!

It just tastes delicious!

We have wine and bubbles in can as well as Mimosas and Watermelon Mimosas for brunch and beach! 

High profile private and retail customers:We are available across some of the best hotels, restaurants and bars in the world. 

We also offer alcohol free with natural flavours for the preggie girls out there and for people who want this option. 

Consistent quality, everyday affordable luxury and innovation in drinks. 

FREE shipping, 2 cases or more!

Prosecco is a brand, "White Wine" is not, so why should Prosecco be? Buy the best quality and award-winning brands you can! Buy Gigglewater.

Help us give back to the environment and oceans and community by supporting us. Thank you. xo